I wanted to have a realistic projector in UE4 so I made one in my free time.
This projector has also been used in various commercial VR projects. It
contains all of the most common controls you would expect in a projector.
To see it in action, please use the following link:
As part of some personal research, I wanted to push the use of parallax occlusion mapping and created a simple
corridor made up of mostly planes. I got this idea after seeing someone do the same online but with tessellation instead.
This level only uses tileable textures and each piece is part of a blueprint where you can select your desired texture
through a drop-down menu. The textures were made using Substance Designer.
As part of another personal project, I decided to make a system that would feed the data from an existing retro
console directly into my digital CRT tv. Usually, one would be able to use a capture card and stream the data directly
through it but sadly I could not find a capture card for analog data that works directly as a readable signal.
I also did not want to involve various signal conversions with composite to HDMI converters that lower the quality
of the feed and slow down the response time. Streaming the data through a local UDP server seemed the best
option overall but added a 2 second input delay. Eventually I managed to resolve the problem by converting the data
as a virtual display and loading it directly into a media texture with NDI. This method gave me a 150ms input delay
which is quite usable for playing games.
To see it in action, please use the following link:
Hoshimi Saya is a virtual YouTuber that I created for someone in late December 2020. I am the sole creator of
the entire project from design to modeling, texturing, rigging, body and facial motion capture setup, materials and
shaders in Unreal Engine and the entire blueprint system that allow for realtime:
- Camera switching on demand
- Changing the focus of each camera to add depth of field when desired
- Enabling and disabling various advanced facial deformations
- Creation and activation of 3D props when interacted with
- Launching and stopping predefined sequences
- Controlling Saya’s pet bird with its own set of motions.
Since Saya’s streams happened multiple times per week and to cope with demand, most works were made within
very limited time. Please see the videos below or follow the following link for her channel:
https://youtu.be/mvFas-6lB9k https://youtu.be/UeErthOT23I
Infinity Labs is an XR company based in The Netherlands. We build applications for both Desktop VR, mobile VR
and HoloLens 2. A large portion of our work is linked to government entities.
See the links below for a preview of what Infinity Labs does.
https://youtu.be/ZBR-kJA5q-0 https://youtu.be/6S1RcFe6HXA https://youtu.be/Mm2sRSzJuvg
The images below are some samples of assets I can share. All of them have been made within generally 1 or 2 days.
Each of these assets has been optimized for VR.
NEP is an American broadcasting company with a presence in most of the western world. At NEP, I was
responsible for setting up all augmented reality systems for live television in The Netherlands. We did this using
Unreal Engine 4 and Zero Density’s Reality Engine.
I mostly built blueprints including the operator control schemes, and modeled most of the visuals.
I also built various pilots and demos for large displays.
https://youtu.be/qjnZV19s7Hg https://youtu.be/lAgSPAB1wN8 https://youtu.be/bEiyc7QhxQk
Larian Studios is a Belgian game studio most notably known for its Divinity series. I worked on Divinity Original Sin II.
During my time at Larian Studios, I mostly modeled and implemented a variety of indoor models. Chairs, tables,
bars, drapes, and the like. These models are scattered throughout the game and some samples can be seen in the
images below. I was responsible for creating and implementing my art assets into their custom engine ready to be
used by level designers.
I have but few references from images online since none of the art was allowed to be taken home.
I graduated with honors in technical art. The following are screenshots of some of my works throughout the years. You
can find more at my old online portfolio using the following link: http://www.remcowillemsen.com/#work
Below you can find links to my last two projects at this school.
Specialization: https://youtu.be/fEphUHrtjm4
Graduation: https://youtu.be/cq7VEOCbxvg https://youtu.be/7VeTr6dwKfI